Questions are powerful things.They communicate a desire to learn, and openness to being wrong.  They allow a shared understanding, and build on each other to create a new understanding.

All this is to say you should fire me a question. I’ll do my best to answer it, or ask it of someone else – and we’ll build a better understanding of this crazy world.

Ask a question below!

2 Responses to Questions

  1. kano. says:

    A few easy ones to get you started!

    What measurement system is officially used in Ghana? No doubt British Imperial Units were in use until at least the late fifties when the brits left; has that changed?

    Is there any practical value to an official measurement system in a place where you have people building (and dropping off) infrastructure from metric, imperial, and US backgrounds? Which system is taught in schools? Is there a different, un-official system of measure used by the typical person? How easy is it to get a 1/2 inch wrench vs a 10 mm wrench?

  2. Kano says:

    Is my question not “deep” enough?

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