Happy Holidays Everyone!

No blog update this week. Check back again Tuesday, January 12th for stories of a Ghanaian Christmas and New Years!

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  1. Steph says:

    These questions are mean. I’m sorry. I’m writing a paper on the impact of Global Health Initiatives (The Global Fund, PEPFAR etc..). I’ve spent (possibly too many) days trying to understand Foreign Aid, leaving me with a mixture of thoughts, perspectives and questions. I see this blog as opportunity to pass them off too you…

    I’m beginning to wonder if providing aid for development (in its various forms) could be considered synonymous with providing ibuprofen for a brain tumour. It acts mildly, and in the short term to relieve a symptoms (poor health, poverty) without addressing or acknowledging the actual causes of the suffering….

    An alternative perspective I’ve come across is that aid actually ‘the cause of the disease it claims to cure’. By supporting corrupt governments, creating disincentives for governments to actually improve the well being of their people (no poverty = no aid= no easy money! Why bother investing in my people?), decreases government responsibility and allows for diversion of funds (if WHO is providing for health I don’t have to use state money for health) and other reasons…


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