Questions to Questions

Why Questions to Questions?

You hear that adage all the time, that every answer you get just leads to more questions. Sometimes its said with a tone of frustration, sometimes with a note of excitement at discovering a further level of the unknown. However, there still seems to be an underlying assumption that maybe next time, if you can get THOSE questions answered, we’ll get somewhere, and be able to say with certainty that this, THIS, is the answer, at least to the little problem that we’ve identified.

I’m giving up on that, giving up on answers. To ask questions just to know what next to ask is a perfectly acceptable and desirable end. Eventually you still have to make a decision, and that’s when it would be awfully nice to have some concrete conclusion. However, conclusions are fallible; all you can do is move forward, and through your actions, ask another question. To me, this is the basis of hypothesis testing; to ask questions with your actions.

With this space, I want to ask questions and share the questions I’ve asked – the verbal and the action-based. The more questions we ask, the more we’ll have to ask, the better we’ll be, and we’ll start to piece together a better understanding of our shared world.

Wait, I’ve got a question… (comment below!)

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2 Responses to Questions to Questions

  1. Sarah Marr says:


    I have a question slash devil’s advocate poke (I have a feeling this will be an easy one and is probably one of the most common things you get asked:))… Please explain why *engineers without borders* from, for example, Canada, are facilitating community development in Africa? Why not locals?


  2. anneliesvera says:

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks for the post! I’m excited to read your blog, and to share with you some of my questions as you go along. I’m curious to know if you have any initial questions and hypothesis that YOU’re going into your first few days with. What have you been asking yourself since you arrived, and when you were on the plane, what were the questions racing through your head?

    Wishing you all the best.

    Much love from the house on the hill


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